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 ”Choosing the wrong contractor to do a major house remodel can be a nightmare and we all want to make sure that we choose the best contractor for the job. I highly recommend Galen Brookins, he’s a ‘no nightmare’ guy.

Galen was one of five contractors bidding for my job. Galen did not win because he was the cheapest, he won because he was flexible, reasonable and my gut said that he’d do a great job, it turned out I was right.

His team showed up every day starting at 7AM and often worked until 6PM. They were quiet, clean, conscientious and very good at what they did. One inspector commented on the high quality of the nailing patterns and attention to detail. I was expecting the job would take six weeks, they committed to an impressive four weeks and finished within those four weeks.

Galen worked with me creating lower cost alternatives and also made sure that I had the advance notice on items coming up so that I could take care of them. I’m used to having to drive contractors and nag them to death to get things done. It was a complete twist working with Galen, they were driving me to get my items taken care of. It was a delightful turn of events.

If you are looking for quality work done in a timely manner with courteous service, Galen Brookins is your man.”

~ Melissa R.   Sonoma, Ca

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